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Please allow 2-4 business days for order processing
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About Us

Hey babes! My name is Lexi & I am the founder and owner of Designs by Lexi. I am 23 years old, a recent college graduate with a bachelor's degree in Interior Design. I first started this business the summer going into my senior year of high school in June of 2016 at the age of 17. Design is a passion of mine whether it be interior, clothing, or jewelry I love all aspects of it! Everything is handmade in Birmingham, AL. 

When I moved off to college, I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to keep this business going in a tiny dorm and as a full-time college student. My mom quickly learned the ropes and swung in full gear. I taught her everything she needed to know to help keep this business alive while things got busy in college. She quickly played a major role in this business and I'm not sure if this business would still be up and running today if it wasn't for her stepping in and helping out. Today she still plays a major role behind the sense of the business.

Meet my mom, Denise, the "momager" of the business. Denise has been a stay-at-home mom who rarely is home and constantly busy. Lexi is her only child and once she moved away to college, she didn't know what to do with herself. Denise quickly took on a major role in Designs by Lexi by helping run the business while Lexi was in college. Denise had to learn fast how Lexi did everything; contacting and buying supplies from vendors, how to make the products, inventory, updating line sheets, and keeping in touch with current wholesale boutique buyers. Denise shares the same love for design that Lexi has, she loves fashion and decorating. Today, Denise is still a major part of the business and has even started creating her own designs. She is a huge part of why Designs by Lexi is still thriving. 


We have always put our main focus into wholesale, but we are beyond excited to start the journey in retail with y'all! We want to thank each and everyone of y'all for supporting Designs by Lexi!  


Lexi and Denise